KiriCann 12% (1200mg) CBD Oil
11 June 2020

KiriCann Full Spectrum CBD Oil in MCT 6% (600mg)


KiriCann Full Spectrum CBD Oil in MCT 6% (600mg) = 3mg CBD per drop.

Whether you looking for something to improve your daily health, or for a specific ailment our 6% Premium full spectrum CBD is the best starting point for you and probably the best you will find.

Made by KiriCann in South Africa using the best Full Spectrum CBD available. Its organic, vegan and contains a full cannabinoid profile with amazing terpenes nature has to offer.

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What is CBD: 

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a major cannabinoid found in most strains of Cannabis. It interacts with the Endocannabinoid system to bring the body into balance and harmony. CBD oil can and should be taken daily for maximum health benefits and for the best results.


We recommend using the dropper to drop oil directly under the tongue for 60-90 seconds. Start off slow. With 1 or 2 drops morning and evening and increase as needed. We recommend achieving a daily dose of 15-25mg per day for general health and a balanced system. Every persons sweet spot is very different, some clients feel the benefit with as little as 6mg a day and others a lot more. *For our South African Clients, SAHPRA has limited the daily dose to 20mg, whereas the rest of the world finds safe levels up to 300mg per day.

Why MCT Oil?

MCT stands for Medium-Chain-Triglyceride. Triglyceride is a type of fatty acid. Medium-Chain means the fatty acids have a medium-chain. This allows for better and faster absorption of our oils.

We custom make oils with Hemp Seed, Olive and Sesame at client requests. Each has its own benefits. Contact us for further information.

What can CBD help with?

CBD may help with many ailments, but please first consult your family physician if you are unsure, pregnant or under 18 years of age. (yes, that is our disclaimer as we cannot make any medical claims).

We can share what our clients use it for.  Pain from conditions such as arthritis and gout, inflammation, insomnia (physiological), anxiety, movement disorders, epilepsy, Angelman Syndrome and more. We must add that CBD is not a sure fire solution to all this conditions, but it will help them from progressing and will make your body stronger and improve the condition over time.

  • Volume: 10 ml
  • CBD: 6% (600mg)
  • THC: 0.2%
  • Minor Cannabinoids include CBC, CBG, THCv,


Organic MCT oil (carrier – oil) and full spectrum CBD extract.


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