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What Makes Kiricann Different?

Nowadays your social media feed and Google searchers are flooded with where to buy CBD oil in South Africa and the multitudes of benefits it can have in one’s life. The issue now comes with discerning the legitimate knowledge and options as opposed to the chancers looking to make a quick buck or the trolls spreading misinformation. At KiriCann we are rigorous about using only the best oils from Europe which themselves have gone through extensive testing and procedures to ensure that we are providing the best possible products, including our pets range.

While the surge in popularity for CBD oil started only recently, the advantages of it have been noted in different communities for centuries. There are records of it being used in India, Persia, Greece, Egypt, Tibet and China long before this. Records in China date back to 4000BC where it first started to be cultivated for its fibre, then the medicinal properties of the seeds and finally the plant itself. Chinese texts also refer to the psychoactive nature of the cannabis but writings are pretty limited because of its relationship with the healers of the time who kept religious beliefs close to the chest.

Recent research has revealed that at least 50% of millennials would choose the safer CBD approach to mental health care over mainstream prescription medication. Besides been a natural alternative, those aged between 18-34 do not want medicines that may be too strong or have many side effects for the symptoms they are showing.

At KiriCann our mission is to provide quality alternative healthcare to as many people as possible, ensuring that they are reaping the extensive benefits that our products offer. We aim to provide exemplary after-sales care and consultation services to everyone who buys our products. Please let us know if you need any advice and we will be happy to chat.


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