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Premium Quality CBD Skin Care Products Online in SA

We deal only in Premium quality CBD skin care products online in SA. CBD for its supposed health effects is applied to our salves, lip balms, oils, creams, and other skin care products. Our cannabidiol (CBD) based skin care solutions are all-natural, chemical-free and made for long term relief by making the skin naturally heal and relieve itself.
For recovery from a variety of different exercise-induced injuries, Kiricann CBD Salve is often useful. This can all induce inflammatory processes and able to assist in the healing process.
Analysis indicates that our endocannabinoid pathway is affected by cannabidiol. There are cannabinoid receptors located mainly in your brain, nervous system and immune system in your body. This endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is believed to control mechanisms such as tension, sleep, memory, immune and pain in our bodies.
CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that can help heal chapped lips and is very nurturing. CBD extract, as used as a lip balm, helps to moisturise cracked, dry lips. Since CBD is hydrating agent, a well-made CBD lip balm like Kiricann, can seal moisture in the lips stopping them from being rough or flaky.
The antioxidants in CBD are one reason that topical use significantly reduces the visible symptoms of ageing. CBD anti-aging creams noticeably decrease problems including lines, skin dullness, and ageing by countering free-radical disruption and reducing the appearance of inflammation.

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