Our Mission

At KiriCann our mission is to provide quality alternative healthcare to as many people as possible, ensuring that they are reaping the extensive benefits that our products offer. We aim to provide exemplary aftersales care and consultation services to everyone who buys our products. We impart guidance in order to make sure that our clients are achieving as many health benefits as possible and are reaching their own health goals. We ensure that our CBD products are of the highest global standard so that the results are of the highest possible calibre.


Our Story

KiriCann is passionate about the health benefits of cannabis and aims to assist in the global push in the education of Cannabis. With the lifting of restrictions on Cannabis, its availability in every home and its widespread use means that education and reliable information has become a critical aspect. With cannabis deregulation in many countries it’s imperative that we educate ourselves and others with regards to what we are putting into our bodies, its source, quality and especially type of cannabinoids in the products we make or buy. We integrate unique South African botanicals such as the South African Cape Chamomile ensuring that those unique benefits can be absorbed through the body.


Our Founders

We started KiriCann as we were desperately searching for alternative healthcare for our own family. We were tired of using harsh pharmaceutical products which provided only temporary reprieve from health issues. We wanted a solution which could provide longer lasting relief. We always put our family and their health first, which is where our passion for natural healthcare lies. Our passions led us to discovering the long history of CBD/ Cannabis as an alternative to prescription medication. Our strong love for our family and concern for their health and well-being led to us developing KiriCann. If it could help us, we strongly believed it could help others as well. We are certain that not only CBD but other cannabinoids, such as THC, can play an integral role in healthcare. We strive to lead a more sustainable approach to life. We at KiriCann are poised to add even more health care and wellness products in the near future.


Our Beliefs

At KiriCann we strongly believe in the exceptional benefits that CBD products can achieve, provided that they are taken properly. We believe in all Cannibinoids but CBD is foundation of all cannibinoidal healthcare products. We at KiriCann are developing even more health care and wellness products as our amazing journey continues. The best ingredients will provide the best results, which is why we are adamant in using only the best elements in our products. We also strictly adhere to certification and traceability standards to ensure that we are consistently using the best possible additives.


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