4 February 2021 – Not all Cannabis extracts are the same

23 February 2021 – Does Cannabis help with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?
23 February 2021

Cannabis Oil

We can just imagine what it is like to try and pick a cannabis oil. Whether CBD, THC or another cannabinoid the process is the same, we will stick with CBD for easy reading. 

The cannabis oil options have become limitless, and while companies small and big fill up the shelves with high quality products, you need to familiarise yourself with what the different options are. 

1. Isolate

An isolate is the purest form of CBD you can find. It is made by taking an extract (distillate, rosin, FECO or another) removing all the plant waxes, fats, terpenes, chlorophyll and pretty much everything else. The final process is separating the cannabinoids so that they all “isolated” from each other. 

OK, so the process is not as simple as that and there are a few steps to get the pure cannabinoid crystals (isolate) but that’s pretty much the best way to explain it. 

CBD isolate is easier to work with and it is a great product to use when mass producing products but many will argue that the efficacy of isolate products are not the best. 

2. Broad Spectrum

Premium Cannabis Oils

A broad spectrum CBD follows a similar process but the cannabinoids are not separated, and many of the plants goodness is left in the extract including other cannabinoids (CBDa, CBG CBN, THCV) terpenes, and other oils that may be present. Broad Spectrum CBD manufacturers remove only the THC so there are no traces of it. 

3. Full Spectrum

Full spectrum CBD is differentiated because it contains THC. Different regions have their own cannabis laws stipulating how much THC can be present. The US is 0.3, most of Europe 0.2 and other countries are following suit. It is important to know which cannabis oil is legal in your country. 

We use a Swiss made organic and vegan Full Spectrum CBD distillate as the foundation of our skin and healthcare products. The Efficacy of full spectrum products are superior to everything else because of what is know as the “Entourage effect”

4. Whole plant extract

Full Spectrum CBD

This is our favourite because it allows us to make customised boutique and premium cannabis oils for our clients. We use a press to extract this from organic cannabis flower. It contains all the goodness that nature intended for us to use. 

It’s this whole plant extract that we infuse with our Swiss made Full Spectrum CBD.

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding this. 

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