23 February 2021 – Does Cannabis help with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

4 February 2021 – Not all Cannabis extracts are the same
4 February 2021

So this week there has been a bit of news this week on how Cannabis can help Covid patients handle their PTSD after they recover and the general panic that’s been left behind in the wake of Covid. So, to summarise (simply) what the cannabis industry has been trying to communicate to the world for the last few decades. 

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD and all other related conditions are generally caused by an external influence, having a direct impact on the way our body tries to defend itself. Fight, Flight or Freeze (FFF Response) . 

It can be something that you don’t even notice. Like a news snippet of an economic trouble. Without you realising your mind processes this, and has a fright response. Hormones are released into your system such as adrenaline and cortisol. These have an impact on everything and if you experience enough of these FFF responses during the day you will start feeling it.

Or, it can be something you do notice. Like someone cutting you off on the highway, you flip out, pull a fist, get irritated and you have a FFF response, because thats what needs to happen when you flip out. You might know you are not going to get into a punch up, but your body doesn’t!

Okay, thats simple and I hope the internet trolls don’t punish me for using the most basic way to explain this for ease of communication. The process, hormones, physiological and psychological is a lot more complex than this but this explains it the way I want it. 

CBD: a good amount of CBD in your system will bring the body into balance. So you don’t have a spike in the FFF response hormones from the daly snippets of troubles that pass by without you noticing. 

THC calms you down so you don’t get annoyed by the cars that cut you off on the highway or in life.  THC doesn’t have to be consumed in a way that gets you “high” though, thats recreational and you need to leave that for the good times. Microdosing THC or at a ratio of about CBD5:1THC it is rendered non psychoactive and can be used at low doses for some chill. The debate here is “is it ok to take so often” and my answer is, “its a lot better than your 3x per day anti depressant and your tranquilliser”

Dosage is so important though and you need to cut through the corporate veil hiding the benefit of Cannabis. Like when you buy CBD in South Africa, you are instructed that 20mg per day is the limit. This just highlights how “big” Big Pharma’s influence is on the industry and also how the authorities don’t know what’s going on. The general dose taken globally as a general supplement, for daily use is between 15-25mg. For general anxiety it’s around 36mg per day. For serious Anxiety it can go to 100mg a day, sometimes even as low as 12mg per day. 

Everybody is different and you need real guidance. Contact us for more information and guidance on how to take your cannabis products. 

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